1. Fashion Week Provocateur LeeAnét Noble

    Brings Team Vicious to U.S.

    High-Octane Step Performances Touch Down in Various U.S. Cities This Year Boundary Defying Dance Company Working on New Show

    with Rick Owens’ Creative Advisor Asha This Spring “Their full-throttle, hair whipping and teeth-gritting performance became a massive statement about the “vicious” and almost grotesque nature of fashion week. The show shook us to our very core, going far beyond fashion and, of course, the clothes. This was about destroying everything. Then, giving us rebirth.” – Dazed Digital

    It was the runway show that changed everything.

    It was Paris Fashion Week, last September, when LeeAnét Noble, working with Lauretta Malloy took the fashion world by storm, collaborating with fashion designer Rick Owens to create a monumental fashion statement that still has people buzzing. Fusing stepping, music and fierce attitude, this mother/daughter team showcased a diverse array of women of all sizes performing in custom-fit pieces from the Rick Owens clothing line.  This jaw-dropping juxtaposition of fashion and performance – and the diversity they brought to the runway – has left a permanent mark on the fashion industry, possibly changing it forever.

    “… a joyous assault on fashion orthodoxy.” – Style.com

    “… a game changing show.” – Refinery 29

    For years the same reed-like images have walked the runway, both influencing and echoing how women and fashion are presented in the media.  Rick Owens commissioned LeeAnét (choreographer, director, dancer, and stepper) and Lauretta (singer, dancer, & director) to defy this tradition, assembling a group of 40 dancers of all sizes and races who not only stormed the runway, but who are now gracing top fashion and entertainment magazines, including Dazed and Confused, InStyle, Vogue, Elle and many more. Reaction to the show flooded the internet, generating over a billion hits on Youtube, social media, blogs and reviews across the world.

    Team Vicious, however, is not solely about the fashion. It is a reflection of LeeAnét’s ongoing work creating innovative, multi-media performances that express the magnificence of life in an explosive way. Her collaboration with Rick Owens underscores her company’s longstanding vision: to fuse a variety of art forms into one loud announcement of power and beauty.

     This is what resonated at Paris Fashion Week, and what they have achieved in their current touring show. The company is currently touring an extended performance of Team Vicious, as well as  a new, high octane performance that features both music and dance. There will be more shows throughout the year.

    “It was impressive to see a sea of mostly African-American women at a time when the lack of diversity in fashion is in the news… Individually, the women were impressive; collectively, they were formidable.” – New York Magazine

    LeeAnét and Lauretta will be collaborating with Rick Owens creative advisor Asha again in London, and will be the only troupe to wear Rick Owens’ line in an upcoming one time appearance as well as modeling the line for upcoming editorials in Dazed and Confused magazine.

    LeeAnét is a critically acclaimed performer (STOMP and DRUMSTRUCK) who has also worked with and/or opened for Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Bono and more. 

    LeeAnét Noble is available for interviews contact leeanet@leeanet.com.